Keep Active This Summer
Published: 22 Jun, 2019

Keep Active This Summer

Summer breaks often include a lot of sleeping and “siesta” is not an uncommon word for every British person to adopt to make their afternoon nap sound more exotic. It’s undeniable that the sun generally makes us more tired, but doesn’t the sun usually make us happier and more willing to get out of bed than the cold, the dark, and/or the rain? Us Brits need to stop complaining about the weather for once; in the summer – albeit only seeming to last a matter of a few days in the UK – we can finally enjoy the weather, be outside and look forward to the day.

I’m not saying that chilling on the sofa watching re-runs of FRIENDS or binge-watching Netflix shows isn’t a wonderful thing to do and a break from the regular work life, but I’m not quite convinced it encapsulates summer particularly well. When we’ve finally got the chance to get outside why don’t we? Get back to work or school with at least some kind of tan and feeling a little healthier. The sun is mentally and physically so good for us, providing us with vitamins and putting us all in a better mood.

The sports that people tend to get up to in the summer more than most definitely includes swimming. Everyone loves a good splash around in a pool on a hot day – a way of cooling down and the only form of exercise that doesn’t leave you sticky and sweaty. Tennis is also a big favourite in the summer (especially in the weeks following Wimbledon). A great sociable summery activity that’s usually fairly cheap, combine it with a picnic and you’ve got the perfect day out. Lastly, people often like to hit the gym for the last chance at that classic beach body.

This summer you’re going to start earning those siestas, no waking up at 11 am and napping again at 3 pm. The ideal combination of a summer holiday and keeping fit is to get away somewhere beautiful that offers these facilities and luxuries. Large villas or hotels are likely to accommodate you, allowing you for a quick tennis game in the morning and a stroll to the beach for a cheeky sunbathe in the afternoon.

Don’t become a couch potato this summer but get out there and live the summer.