Home Away From Home
Published: 10 Aug, 2019

A Home Away From Home

All creatures, no matter how big or small, have to find their habitat, their home and somewhere to call their own. Animals move habitats more than humans – in most cases – due to weather, hibernation or for fear of other larger animals taking their home. Humans are more inclined to stay in one place for a while. The point of this is that we all want to have a home, and as living things when we do move, we still want to feel at home.

Even when we go on holiday, before we know it we’ve hung up our suits or dresses, set up our toiletries in the bathroom, and found a sensible place for our shoes. At first it takes you a while to remember where the bathroom light switch is or in which drawer you’ve put your socks, but soon enough you’re referring to this temporary hotel, room, villa or wherever you are, as your “home from home”.

Summer is usually the typical time to get away from it all, but in warmer climates even going away in the cooler months of the year can be just as wonderful. And around Christmas time it can be truly magical when family time is often valued even more highly so people tend to make more effort to be with their loved ones. So a villa getaway in these ‘offseason’ cooler months of the year can be idyllic. A large villa to yourselves with enough space so you’re not too cramped (and with plenty of bathrooms to avoid a queue) does not have to be an unaffordable dream.

The reason we then feel sad to leave the holiday is that we’ve made an idyllic home out of a brand-new place. No matter how large villas are, they always become homely when we share wonderful memories with our loved ones.

Home is something we value, yet is something that can be anywhere. It’s often said that home is where you feel loved, and on holiday in a villa with your family, that’s definitely home.