All You Need To Know About The Caves Of Nerja
Published: 5 Oct, 2020

Caves Of Nerja

There are many reasons to visit Nerja and Frigiliana, two stunning little Spanish villages in the heart of the Costa del Sol, but if you’re keen to explore the local area, there’s absolutely one attraction that you have to include at the top of your must-see list and that’s the Caves of Nerja.

A little trip below ground will reveal some stunning sights, including the longest and largest stalactite in the entire world, measuring 33m in height, which you will find in the Cataclysm Hall as you wend your way along the 4km stretch of caves.

The caves themselves were first discovered in 1959, quite by mistake, when a group of locals were exploring the region and found the entrance to the chambers.

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk along, as you will see stunning examples of Stone Age paintings, which will certainly impress the historians among you.

Although the pandemic may well have an impact on proceedings in the future, it might be worth planning your trip in the summer months, as concerts and ballet performances are put on in the caves, which are truly spectacular and a sight to really behold… one way to make your trip all the more special.

Allow yourself a couple of hours to really experience the caves properly and consider going on a guided tour so you can find out even more about them. If you’re looking for something a little different to do while on holiday in Spain, a tour of the Caves of Nerja could certainly tick that box for you.

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