A Dream Wedding Abroad
Published: 18 Jul, 2019

Dream Wedding Venue Spain

Research from market research company Mintel, and Bridebook, the wedding-planning website, has recently shown that the average UK wedding costs above £20,000, often topping £24,000. In Contrast, TLF – a qualitative and quantitative research company, estimates that a wedding abroad ranges between £6,000 and £7,000. Without compromising on your big day, you can save yourself at least £13,000 and guarantee much better weather than the UK could ever provide.

Beach weddings often have a paradise aesthetic, making your day even more special and romantic. As well as the idyllic and beautiful aspect that you’re assured, there is a signification less amount of planning required for abroad weddings as opposed to weddings at home, mainly because overseas packages generally include most necessities taking the stress out of your hands.

Weddings abroad also offer you some unique experiences you couldn’t have thought of in the UK and can be tailored for the bride and groom’s interests or previous experiences. Couples often like to go back to the location of their first holiday abroad as a couple, making the trip more sentimental, or try something new completely; even underwater vows!

Staying in a hotel would be wonderful but would not have the intimacy or flexibility of having a villa all to yourselves. But finding a villa large enough to also accommodate your friends and family sounds like an expensive option. Not necessarily so!

The ideal location for your select close friends and family to stay would have to be a large villa, beautifully decorated for your special day. To have all the people you know and most love around you would make the atmosphere even more idyllic. And having your own private pool would have the added advantage of not having to cope with some stranger’s kids splashing you as they jump in the pool just as you try to read that novel you can’t put down.

Compromising on your big day is most definitely not something you should have to do, particularly if you’ve been planning/dreaming about it for years. While some would say that a wedding abroad is less traditional, it is becoming more popular and there’s no reason why it can’t be just as special, if not, more so! Just think of those beautiful photos you’ll have to treasure – much more exotic and exciting than hiring the function room at the local golf club.