5 Top Tips For Playing Tennis In The Heat
Published: 9 Sep, 2020

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If you’ve got plans in place to go on tennis holidays in Spain for your next big trip away and if you’ve got plans in place to win big on the courts, then you may want to make sure you know how to handle the heat, especially if you’re used to playing indoors or in a country that doesn’t enjoy the same level of sun as Spain does throughout the year.

To help you play at your best, make sure that you stay hydrated during the game, as you’re going to be sweating lots and losing lots of liquid, so keep that water bottle handy at all times. Keep your drinks cold, as well, since your body can absorb these quicker than warmer ones and you’ll find it a lot more refreshing, as well.

Steer clear of alcohol the night before a game if you can, as this can make you more dehydrated the next day and this is sure to affect your game.

Another top tip to help beat the heat is changing up the style of your game. If you know you’re usually a baseline player, think about coming up and playing at the net a bit more, so you’re not running around as much as you would usually.

And if you’re really worried about playing in the sun and heat, you can always have a few night games, which can be an awful lot of fun. Here at La Roca Rara, we have a range of fitness facilities available, including a floodlit tennis court so you could easily have a couple of midnight tennis matches during your stay.